Peanut Allergy? Over 18? Read on….

We are currently inviting adult peanut allergy patients to participate in a proof of concept study aiming to assess the safety and tolerability of an experimental drug in adult patients with peanut allergy.

The length of the study is approximately 66 days, of which you will be required to be on site between 6-8 days, after the initial screening visit(s). This study will require a time commitment and flexibility in your schedule to attend those visits. This study requires a documented history of an allergic reaction after ingesting peanut, and you must agree to participate in the study, including signing a consent form.

Please email and indicate AnaptysBio in the subject line and that you are interested in possible participation in the current study. Or you can call 206-525-5520 x 1185 to reach the research coordinator. If you are interested in finding out more about this study, we are happy to forward a copy of the consent form and schedule a phone call to answer questions before an actual in person screening visit. Our contact email is Compensation will be provided for each study visit completed, and you may receive up to $1110.00 for completing the study.

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